About Us



Quality Assurance and Innovation

The foundation of the company was led by visionary Late Haji Nazir Ahmed in 1965 with an aim of manufacturing complete range of “Electric Fans” that combine innovation, reliability and unmatched quality. Over the years of commitment to excellence, the company has not only solidified its position in the local market but has also earned a prominent place in the International market. Continuous Research and Development in this field of manufacturing and Quality Assurance had led to the success of our company. Our manufacturing units are totally resonant with the best techniques of Engineering and Aerodynamics. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to use premium materials like high quality ball bearings, finest silicon electrical steel sheets, 99.9% pure copper wire and high grade insulating material to guarantee durability and reliability. To our credit are Pakistan Standards certification, ISO 9001:2015 certification and NEECA certification. We take pride in exporting our complete range of products to the Middle Eastern and Asian Countries for the past many years and we aspire to bring our exceptional products to new markets in the near future. Join us on this journey of excellence as we continue to innovate, inspire and lead the ways in the world of electric fan technology